Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Searching for my Seoul

Yah, I know, cheesy title but I think it is kinda cute. :) Good morning from Seoul, South Korea. It is currently 5;30am here on Thursday morning (and 1:30pm on Wednesday in Calgary) I have been asked by a few people if I was going to blog on this trip and I am going to try - that is assuming that I have something interesting to share - and I already do! For those of you who are wondering why I am over here, it is for work and not pleasure, although there will be a pleasure component I am sure. I was invited by some of my co-workers in Houston to join them for some meetings - who was I to say "no"!

Being the eternal planner that I am when it comes to travelling, I researched out my flights to make sure that I was picking flights that had adequate connections in Vancouver and that were Shell complient and I settled on a flight leaving Calgary at 9:15am, arriving at 9:42am in Vancouver. That would give me 2 hours and 10 minutes to make my connection in Vancouver. Enough time to buy a book, maybe a magazine or two and kick back and relax in the Maple Leaf Lounge (and start my blog). Yah, that plan failed. The weather in Calgary yesterday was not very good and my flight that was supposed to leave at 9:15am left about 11:00am, thus arriving in Vancouver at 11:30am. Needless to say when I arrived in Vancouver I was a tad bit panicked as all of my good planning (or so I thought) had gone out the window and my flight that was leaving from the complete oppposite end of the airport was to leave in 20 minutes - ugh! Good ol' Air Canada to the rescue though. . .they had the golf cart waiting to whisk me and about 5 other peoople off to our gate. I have always wanted to do that. . .fly through the airport on the golf cart (or fly as much as you can on a golf court :) ) So I managed to make my flight and surprisingly, so did my luggage. Nothing too exciting on my flight to report other that the super hot pilot, who seemed to be missing a wedding band and/or a wedding band tan line and the 60+ year old lady with the plantinum blond corn rows resulting in a pony tail on the top of her head and botox lips with this awful orange lipstick that matched the trim on her top. Yep - she was a sight. True to my form I wanted to take a picture but unfortunately there was no way of doing that - which is too bad b/c she looked rough!

Flying into South Korea and looking down, it looked cold - winter is definitely here as well. What struck me was the clusters of apartment complexes surrounded by what looks like agricultrual fields. The airport in Seoul is a lovely, very modern and clean airport - kinda reminded me of flying into Toronto. Going through customs and immigration was a breeze, although the guy kept looking at my passport photo and then looking at me - my hair is short in that picture and longer now. I was expecting to see more of a security presence here, but I didn't really see anything. The drive in from the airport took us about 90 minutes and our driver obviously had never used the defrost function in the van before b/c within minutes we were completely fogged up and Bryan, one of my co-workers was having to take over the controls of unfogging us.

My initial impressions of Seoul driving in (keeping in mind that it was dark) was the it reminded me of driving into any big city and then when we got to South Seoul, where we are staying, it reminded me of downtown Vancouver. One thing to note is that they have the biggest intersections I have ever seen! The picture below is the view from my room.

Yep, I know, not my most exciting blog - but it is a start! Not too sure if I will have anything to exciting to update today, but keep checking back. I am here until Sunday (I think) - so between now and then I should have something exciting to say/show you!


JB said...

Hey, I for one am always thrilled to travel along with you. The places you see are so much more exciting than Groundbirch or even Sunset Prairie.

penelope said...

I like the whole blog thing!!!!! BUT seriously stay away from pilots!!!!especially the cute ones!