Monday, December 31, 2007

Killing Time in YVR

So I have about 3 hours to kill here in Vancouver before my flight leaves so I am just kicking back in the Maple Leaf Lounge and they have some free computers so I thought that I .

I am sitting here listening to some guy who is half way across the lounge from me talk to his friend about these awesome sandwiches that he made and how he is sad that the gave one to this person. And how he saw his dad and his dad has a bad back. Next I got to hear about how he is drinking a vodka and soda and his partner is drinking a caesar and since it is free here in the lounge they are free pouring. Now I know you can probably all tell how impressed I am to hear this conversation. I just wish that people would be a little more couretous of others. Mind you, there was this lady sitting at the computer next to me who has been complaining non-stop to the guy at the front desk about people who talk to loud and she was sitting her muttering under her breath. Oh. . .now his phone died - damn! And I was hoping to hear all about his great aunt's colonoscopy! Just kidding! Oh we just some big hugs and kisses and a happy new year (he called whoever back)

Well this chiquita is slowly crashing and just wants to get on the plane and go to sleep. I just hope that the LED lights are set to "sunset" and not "sunrise" when I get on the plane. For those of you who want to check it out, go to and go under What's New and look at Executive First Suites and you can watch this little video of what my flying experience will be.

Oh yah, one more thing, Air Canada splurged b/c it is New Year's and we got this little bag of chocolate almonds (as opposed to the Lindorf chocolate) and it was count em, not 1, not 2, not 3 but 4 almonds Go wild Air Canada!!!!!

I think I am going to go for a tour of the airport and see if I can find a Suduko book - I forgot mine at home and it is a good time killer. Au revoir mon ami!

Trip to Oz. . prep #2

Well, I am all waxed and ready to go! I endured my 15 minutes of pain in the quest for smooth, hair free skin. My esthetician started to go a little nuts and about mid-way through my bikini wax she remembered that I wasn't getting a brazillian - I was kinda wondering b/c she seemed to be taking A LOT off (sorry dad - I know - too much information!) In any event, that part of me is ready to go!

I am pretty much packed - or rather everything is pretty much in one area and needs to be put into a suitcase. You would all be proud of me - i am only taking 3 pairs of shoes! I know, I know - how will I ever survive?! I have rationalized it by reminding myself that there are stores in Australia and surely someone down there must also wear a size 12 if I really need a pair!

My iPod is MIA and that is starting to stress me out. I downloaded some new songs last night and you think I can find the blasted thing so I can transfer them. . .no! I am pretty sure I know what bag they are in but do you think I can find the bag. . .no! I am having a hard time envisioning beach time without it! I know that my old iPod is kicking around here somewhere (it is out in the garage) but who knows what music is on that thing! If worst comes to worst, I may have to resurect that one and see if it still works.

I went out and bought a card reader yesterday so hopefully I will be able to upload some pics as my trip progresses - so keep your eyes peeled for that. As well, I finally heard back from my friend Tylor today - I am staying at his place in Sydney but he doesn't live there. Him and his wife live in London but were just down in Sydney and said that I could stay at their place with some guy named Bill. I ain't complaining b/c it is a free place to stay! I was getting kinda stressed b/c I knew that he was in transit and every message I sent him couldn't be delievered and I leave today. . .but good ol' planner Heather had a plan B - I had researched out enough bloody hotels in Sydney so I figured that I could find one there.

Well I should run. . .gotta hunt down the iPod and finish packing and then go and pick up my bathing suits at the tailors. Yes - you can alter a bathing suit. I needed the straps shorted on 3 tops so that the sisters weren't sitting at my bellybutton! You never know, these knockers might find me a man down there! LOL! (I know dad - too much information again!)

Until tomorrow . . or whatever the day will be when I get to Sydney!

Happy New Year's and wishing you all of the best in 2008!

Heather the happy traveller!

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Trip to Oz. . .the prep

Now those of you who really know me well, know that I am the eternal planner but never the executer when it comes to holidays. I am always planning to go somewhere, yet I never seem to go anywhere. Or if I do go somewhere, it is without any planning. So surprise, surprise, I actually booked a trip to Australia 3 weeks before I am supposed to leave (a record for me I think) and I actually have confirmed plans! (See - all of that planning but never executing does eventually come to fruition!)

Australia has never be high of my list of places to travel to. I hear people gush about how they have always wanted to go to Australia and I usually say "I really have no desire to go - it's just a warm Canada" (okay - they have koalas and kangaroos and we don't) So why am I going you ask? My friend Carly moved to Perth at the end of September for a 12-18 month stint for work and I have decided to go and see her. That, and I have to take my 2007 holidays or I will lose them.

Now that I decided to go to Australia, everyone seems to have an opinion of what I should do and where I should go. My main purpose for this holiday is to RELAX - to sit on a beach and relax and read some books. I keep reminding myself and all of those who offer up suggestions that Australia is a big country and I can't do it all this trip (and I am not even going to try). Since the day I booked my trip, I have been on the internet every day, researching, planning and dreaming about what I am going to do on my relaxation holiday. And then I have to remind myself that I am going to visit Carly in Perth and to keep that in focus. So what am I doing you ask. . . well here is the itinerary (or at least the booked part so far!)

December 31 - Leave Calgary for Vancouver and then on the new Air Canada Vancouver-Sydney direct flight. And guess what - this chiquita is flying EXECUTIVE FIRST CLASS - oh yeah baby! There is an open bar and I have my "suite"!

January 2 - I arrive in Sydney at 10am - somewhere along the way I lose January 1 but who really cares. That is just the day when you nurse the hangover and lament over the new goals and resolutions that you have made for that year - this year I get to skip it all! Some old family friends of ours arrive in Sydney at 9:30am so I am hoping to hook up with them at the airport. Who would have thought that we could have to go all the way to Sydney to see one another again.

January 4 - La Boheme opens up at the Sydney Opera House and I am going to go.

January 5 - I fly to Cairns (Great Barrier Reef area) and am staying at the Sheraton Mirage Resort up in Port Douglas - it is a 5 star resort that looks amazing and I have cashed in a swack of Aeroplan points to stay there. While I am up there, I am going to go on at least one snorkel/dive tour. The beaches look amazing up here so I am planning on spending some beach and relaxation time up here. Mind you, I have rented a car and I would really, really like to see a crocodile in the wild, so I might just do a little exploring.

January 9 - I fly to Perth. I have looked at 2 different tours to take while I am here - one to the Pinnacles and one to this Wave thing. Carly and I are also going to do some roadtripping on the weekend while I am here - I am thinking a few wine tours might be in order! I am also leaving some days to just relax (see I am weaving this theme throughout my trip)

January 16 - I fly from Perth to Sydney to Vancouver to Calgary - all in -4 hours - LOL! Actually I leave Sydney at 1:3pm and arrive in Vancouver at 8:30am on the same. You can really travel back in time or at least have a "do over".

As for far as other preparation, I bought a new camera, bought 2 Lonely Planet books and have laid out my beach towel on the spare bed in preparation for packing. And oh yah, got a pedicure today and have a leg and bikini wax scheduled for Monday (I know, I know - too much information!)

So for someone who has never really wanted to go to Australia, I seem to be pretty excited (or as excited as I really get). . . .Only 2 more sleeps.