Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Back to the Baja

Surprise, surprise - I am en route to the Baja - I know, AGAIN. Yes, I was only home for 2 1/2 weeks but I have had enough of the snow and the cold! Seriously though, this is my originally planned holiday.

I am heading down to San Jose del Cabo for about 4 days and will be hanging out with my Auntie Karen, my uncle Garth and my 2 cousins (who are much younger than I), Kelsey & Kait. It turned out that our trips were going to overlap so I decided to come down a little earlier and hang out with them - should be fun. I have never really travelled with family before - so hopefully we won't kill one another :-) They have a condo at the Coral Baja and I will be crashing with them. Then on the weekend, I am going to head back up to Los Barrilles to hang out with Brian and Kim again for another week.

I know, rough life. In my defense though, this makes up for having my trip to Madrid cancelled because of the volcano. And I did have to go to Fort McMurray yesterday, so I deserve a trip. And, it has been bloody cold in Calgary and it has been snowing. So yes, I deserve this!

So check in over the next week or so, and I will try and post updates. I am also on a different computer this time, so will be able to easily post pictures :-)


JB said...

Glad to see you are back on the road, I need some inspiration my blogs are boring anymore especially since we got this place in Arizona.

David and Carley Morgan said...

You have no need to justify anything fantastic trips my dear, you work hard and deserve every moment! xx