Monday, November 14, 2011

A London Sunday & a Bike Crash - Again

So I had another bike crash yesterday, although this time I was not on the bike but rather trying to cross a busy street by Oxford Circus. I went to step to cross the road and as soon as I looked right, I screamed as I saw a cyclist hurtling towards me and we both dodged in the same direction. He clipped my back and went flying over his handlebars into the curb and I think really hurt his shoulder. I felt so bad. I have to admit, I was fairly shaken out by the whole episode. As for yesterday's crash, I am pretty bruised up. I banged my hand and knee pretty bad, as well I noticed a good bruise on my stomach today - all class, all class!

Today is Remembrance Sunday in London- this is their equivalent to our Remembrance Day, although not a holiday. We watched the service on TV, I thought going down there. I thought that it might be a little crazy as the royals were down there. It was a nice ceremony and all, both solemn and celebratory and always brings a tear to my eye, thinking of all of those who have given and lost - we can never forget those who fought for our freedoms.

Tylor and I went for a late breakfast after watching the services, after which I left him and headed back towards Oxford Circus and Bond Street to do some shopping and I use that word loosely as I really do not care for shopping, however I needed to pick up my obligatory magnets for my team at work and I wanted to check out a shop called Liberty (oh my!), and we can't forget Marks & Spencer's. On my way to Liberty, I noticed the sign for Andrew Lloyd Webber's The Wizard of Oz and it looked like there was a show to start soon, so I went to the box office to see if I could get a ticket. For £25, I got a fabulous seat in the Royal Circle and what a great show! You always here about how great shows are in London and they are, so more quainter than at the Jubilee. It was however kiddyville, but that was okay. Of course I had my once a trip cry at the start of the show, thinking about how blessed my life is. I also realized that I deserve this and I don't mean it in a conceited way but rather, I work really long and hard and my job takes a lot out of me, so to treat myself to great experiences isn't necessarily a bad thing. I do realize how lucky I am though.

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JB said...

I saw the Phantom of the Opera seven times and the seventh was in London. We lucked out and got the directors seats, front row centre, first balcony, couldn't have been better. It was spectacular and started a tradition of always doing at least a couple of shows whenever I was in the city. We have a London trip on the books next year and are ready for both your grilled cheese and some theatre.

Time that city got a little western flavour I think.