Sunday, February 17, 2013

Do you like Brussels?

European Union
Church in the fog
I think that Brussels are like brussels sprouts - at first you don't really like them, or as a kid you in fact hate them, but as you get older or over time, you develop an appreciation for them.  In my case, I LOVE brussel sprouts now that have been roasted and topped with parmesan and bacon - yummy!  My impressions of Brussels is that I didn't particularly love it but I think that over time I could come to appreciate it.  I mean, hell it is the head of the European Union so surely that must account for something doesn't it?!

Today I did the Hop On/Hop Off city bus tour of Brussels except that I don't ever get off and just ride around and listen to the little tape and see the sights. I can honestly say that I am getting a better impression of Brussels today.  Over all I would say that it definitely 2 1/2 hours well spent and would probably do it again and actually get off of the bus :-)

Starting a tour in the fog is probably not the best thing but I had to take what Mother Nature was providing me.  I guess it just means that I am going to have to come back here in either the spring or summer, when it is green to get a better appreciation of the city.  After doing the bus trip, I have revised my impression of Brussels - it is less of a hole than I had initially thought but honestly, it still isn't my favourite city.   With that being said, don't think that I won't come back, because I probably will if only for a day trip and to go shopping and maybe to check out more of the sites in the sunshine!

Another thing about Brussels is that I saw a lot of homeless people, beggars and panhandlers.  There seemed to be people on most streets either asking for money or  sleeping in the metro.  There is also a very large North African/middle eastern population here and it is reflected in the culinary choices - you can get a donair on just about every corner.

I thought that I was going to be sick on my train ride from Brussels to Antwerp as the guy across from me spent the better part of the trip mining his nose.  Had I had a kleenex I would have offered it to him as it was really starting to gross me out!  I also learned on the way home that there is indeed a 1st class section - you just have to look for it and it definitely made a difference on the one train as I felt a little like being in India!  For one thing, it had seats and not just benches, it was cleaner, quieter and way less people.  I am still not convinced though that it is worth it b/c I was only able to find it on the one train.

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JB said...

Can you think of anything that doesn't taste good if you serve it with enough cheese and bacon. Funnily enough although my trip to Brussels was even shorter than yours I had much the same impression. It didn't make much impression and is not on my do over list.