Monday, December 31, 2007

Trip to Oz. . prep #2

Well, I am all waxed and ready to go! I endured my 15 minutes of pain in the quest for smooth, hair free skin. My esthetician started to go a little nuts and about mid-way through my bikini wax she remembered that I wasn't getting a brazillian - I was kinda wondering b/c she seemed to be taking A LOT off (sorry dad - I know - too much information!) In any event, that part of me is ready to go!

I am pretty much packed - or rather everything is pretty much in one area and needs to be put into a suitcase. You would all be proud of me - i am only taking 3 pairs of shoes! I know, I know - how will I ever survive?! I have rationalized it by reminding myself that there are stores in Australia and surely someone down there must also wear a size 12 if I really need a pair!

My iPod is MIA and that is starting to stress me out. I downloaded some new songs last night and you think I can find the blasted thing so I can transfer them. . .no! I am pretty sure I know what bag they are in but do you think I can find the bag. . .no! I am having a hard time envisioning beach time without it! I know that my old iPod is kicking around here somewhere (it is out in the garage) but who knows what music is on that thing! If worst comes to worst, I may have to resurect that one and see if it still works.

I went out and bought a card reader yesterday so hopefully I will be able to upload some pics as my trip progresses - so keep your eyes peeled for that. As well, I finally heard back from my friend Tylor today - I am staying at his place in Sydney but he doesn't live there. Him and his wife live in London but were just down in Sydney and said that I could stay at their place with some guy named Bill. I ain't complaining b/c it is a free place to stay! I was getting kinda stressed b/c I knew that he was in transit and every message I sent him couldn't be delievered and I leave today. . .but good ol' planner Heather had a plan B - I had researched out enough bloody hotels in Sydney so I figured that I could find one there.

Well I should run. . .gotta hunt down the iPod and finish packing and then go and pick up my bathing suits at the tailors. Yes - you can alter a bathing suit. I needed the straps shorted on 3 tops so that the sisters weren't sitting at my bellybutton! You never know, these knockers might find me a man down there! LOL! (I know dad - too much information again!)

Until tomorrow . . or whatever the day will be when I get to Sydney!

Happy New Year's and wishing you all of the best in 2008!

Heather the happy traveller!

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