Saturday, December 29, 2007

Trip to Oz. . .the prep

Now those of you who really know me well, know that I am the eternal planner but never the executer when it comes to holidays. I am always planning to go somewhere, yet I never seem to go anywhere. Or if I do go somewhere, it is without any planning. So surprise, surprise, I actually booked a trip to Australia 3 weeks before I am supposed to leave (a record for me I think) and I actually have confirmed plans! (See - all of that planning but never executing does eventually come to fruition!)

Australia has never be high of my list of places to travel to. I hear people gush about how they have always wanted to go to Australia and I usually say "I really have no desire to go - it's just a warm Canada" (okay - they have koalas and kangaroos and we don't) So why am I going you ask? My friend Carly moved to Perth at the end of September for a 12-18 month stint for work and I have decided to go and see her. That, and I have to take my 2007 holidays or I will lose them.

Now that I decided to go to Australia, everyone seems to have an opinion of what I should do and where I should go. My main purpose for this holiday is to RELAX - to sit on a beach and relax and read some books. I keep reminding myself and all of those who offer up suggestions that Australia is a big country and I can't do it all this trip (and I am not even going to try). Since the day I booked my trip, I have been on the internet every day, researching, planning and dreaming about what I am going to do on my relaxation holiday. And then I have to remind myself that I am going to visit Carly in Perth and to keep that in focus. So what am I doing you ask. . . well here is the itinerary (or at least the booked part so far!)

December 31 - Leave Calgary for Vancouver and then on the new Air Canada Vancouver-Sydney direct flight. And guess what - this chiquita is flying EXECUTIVE FIRST CLASS - oh yeah baby! There is an open bar and I have my "suite"!

January 2 - I arrive in Sydney at 10am - somewhere along the way I lose January 1 but who really cares. That is just the day when you nurse the hangover and lament over the new goals and resolutions that you have made for that year - this year I get to skip it all! Some old family friends of ours arrive in Sydney at 9:30am so I am hoping to hook up with them at the airport. Who would have thought that we could have to go all the way to Sydney to see one another again.

January 4 - La Boheme opens up at the Sydney Opera House and I am going to go.

January 5 - I fly to Cairns (Great Barrier Reef area) and am staying at the Sheraton Mirage Resort up in Port Douglas - it is a 5 star resort that looks amazing and I have cashed in a swack of Aeroplan points to stay there. While I am up there, I am going to go on at least one snorkel/dive tour. The beaches look amazing up here so I am planning on spending some beach and relaxation time up here. Mind you, I have rented a car and I would really, really like to see a crocodile in the wild, so I might just do a little exploring.

January 9 - I fly to Perth. I have looked at 2 different tours to take while I am here - one to the Pinnacles and one to this Wave thing. Carly and I are also going to do some roadtripping on the weekend while I am here - I am thinking a few wine tours might be in order! I am also leaving some days to just relax (see I am weaving this theme throughout my trip)

January 16 - I fly from Perth to Sydney to Vancouver to Calgary - all in -4 hours - LOL! Actually I leave Sydney at 1:3pm and arrive in Vancouver at 8:30am on the same. You can really travel back in time or at least have a "do over".

As for far as other preparation, I bought a new camera, bought 2 Lonely Planet books and have laid out my beach towel on the spare bed in preparation for packing. And oh yah, got a pedicure today and have a leg and bikini wax scheduled for Monday (I know, I know - too much information!)

So for someone who has never really wanted to go to Australia, I seem to be pretty excited (or as excited as I really get). . . .Only 2 more sleeps.

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like an awesome plan HT - I'm impressed with the consistent reinforcement of your "relaxation" theme. So relax! And have fun! Can't wait to see pics and follow along from San Francisco. love - lj