Monday, August 18, 2008

I am Alive!

I know, I know - you have all been waiting for me to start blogging but finding internet around here is kinda hard. I had it at my hotel in Jaipur yesterday however the space bar stuck and it was a bitch to type with so I thought -to hell with it. I am now sitting in some little hole in the wall (literally) about 500m from the Taj Mahal. I am not going to blog too much on this go around, but don't worry, I have 4 days to share with you, including photos. I guess you are all wondering - am I enjoying myself? Well, I don't know if enjoying myself is the right description. I can't say that I am loving Rajasthan and honestly, I can't wait to leave. I am not yet ready to write off India but I am ready to write off Rajasthan. Will explain more in future posts, but that pretty much sums up how I am feeling.

India hasn't been the shock that I was expecting. It isn't as loud, smelly or crowded as I was expected - it is however very chaotic. I have experienced a few things that I like - like Delhi in the wee hours of the morning when everything is quiet - by Delhi standards, or riding the train (that is a whole other story) and seeing the country side - that has been cool.

I am heading back to Delhi (from Agra) in a couple of hours and tomorrow morning I am catching a flight down to Goa to plant myself on a beach for a week. Hopefully that will be more my speed in terms of a holiday. Actually, now that I write that, I think that has been part of my problem - Delhi is not a holiday but rather an experience and I wasn't prepared (mentally) for that. . .I was in holiday mode.

Sorry this is so "blah" and short but really, I am not in the mood to type but rather I figured that I should post something so my mom knows that I am alive! I love you mom! (and Dad!!!)

Here is a picture of the Taj Mahal - truly a sight to behold!

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