Tuesday, August 12, 2008

India - The preparation

I am leaving tomorrow for India. Once again, I am being a princess and am flying business - do you honestly think that I could ever go back to coach long-haul after my trip to Australia. . .yah right! I couldn't afford British Airways First Class, but BA Business - which still gives me a bed, was doable. Beyond having my flight booked over there and back, I really don't have much else booked. I keep telling myself that I am going to book my hotel in Delhi tonight. . .mind you, I have been saying that for 2 weeks now. But really, I do have to do it tonight b/c I leave tomorrow and I can't land in Delhi without a scheduled car & driver! I have pretty much decided to wing it. That really doesn't go well with my mom (I had to break the news to her last night) but really, I am not a huge plan person.

On the packing side of things, I have laid out almost everything on my bedroom floor and just need to put it in the bag – believe it or not, I am travelling light, but not as light as the lady at the travel store thinks I should. She thought that taking only 2 underwear was wholly appropriate – you know, wear one, wash one – not really my cup of tea – plus underwear don’t take up that much space! She also didn’t think that taking my flat iron for my hair was necessary but I beg to differ! I am however only taking 3 pair of shoes –including the pair I am going to wear. I know – hard to believe – me with only 3 pair of shoes! If I didn’t have the wedding to go to, I would only take 2!

So keep checking back here for the next month or so as I am sure I will having some amazing experiences to share. . .or at least good stories!

For those of you who want to keep in touch with me, feel free to email me at heathermtaylor@shaw.ca and I will also be posting pictures both on my blog and on Facebook - which I will link to here.

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