Saturday, January 28, 2012

Belize Bound

Yes, I am going on another holiday.  I know that there are many of you out there that wonder if I ever work - and I do, however I have just learned how to maximize my time off.  Between vacation, flex time and statutory holidays, I can squeeze in a lot of vacations!  Believe it or not, this trip is using up my remaining vacation time from 2011. 

Now back to this vacation. . . .so back in December, shortly after I arrived in Hawaii, I got an email from Diane saying that she wanted to go on a holiday and soon!  So while I was in Hawaii, we decided that we would aim for the last week of January, pending work schedules and after a little bit a discussion (really not much) we decided that we would go to Belize.    In terms of vacations that Diane and I have taken (this is #4), this is probably the least planned we have been.  I mean we didn't discuss until noon yesterday how we were getting to the airport and our flight left at 5:20pm.  I guess the most important things were booked like flights to Belize City, flight to San Pedro, hotel in Houston and condo on Ambergris Caye.  The rest we are just going to figure out!  Belize has some spectacular snorkeling and diving so that is on the list and I am pretty sure we are going to go and check out some Mayan ruins as Diane likes that sort of stuff and this trip isn't all about me! LOL!

This morning Diane and I experienced a first on our travels together - the drug dog search.  Just as we were to go down the jet way to our plane in Houston, we were pulled off to a side hall (this was happening to everyone - we part of a group of 8 people or so), told to put all of our bags on right side and step to the left.  After everyone was assembled, a TSA agent with a beautiful German Sheppard rounded the corner and proceeded to sniff all our bags.  After that, we were all given the all clear and were allowed to board the plane.  I thought it was all kinda cool. . .was wondering though if he would have been interested in Horton's scent which I am sure is on everything I own!  Speaking of which, 7 years ago today, that little brown beast that I love more than anything in this world came into my life - Happy Mama and the Who Day (that is what I call today).

As I type this, I am on our United/Continental flight to Belize City.  Now I know that after our trip to Thailand I vowed never to fly United again if I could help it, but now with the Continental/United merger, I am prepared to be bit more forgiving.  If it is a Continental branded flight, I am more prepared to fly it than a United branded flight.  Plus anything flying out of Houston is a Continental flight as Houston is a hub.  Overall, not that bad.  Oh - yesterday when we got the airport in Calgary we found out that we would not be able to collect our bags in Houston, although we had a long layover (overnight), so we both quickly scrambled to pack our PJs and basic toiletries into our carry-ons.  Have to admit, although it was a bit of a pain not having all of my stuff, including a change of clothes, it made this morning easy as we didn't have to check in - only had to go through security.  Once again, Diane gets to benefit from all of my frequent flying as in the US they have specific security lines for those who have a certain status level - in this case Star Alliance Gold, so that line was a little shorter.  The other upside is that she gets to be my guest in the lounge.   There was a decent United President's Club lounge in Houston so we popped in for a quick breakfast and for me to download my emails.   When it comes to lounges though, the ones in Europe kick butt to anything in North America in terms of food, beverages and amenities. . . but I can't complain b/c it is still better than sitting out with the commoners in the airport :-)

Until later. . .bound for Belize.


JB said...

As one of the commoners out in the airport, I have noticed the people watching is much more entertaining than it was back in the days that I would languish in the lap of luxury in the private lounges.

Gotta wonder what kind of fool would be transporting drugs OUT of the USA and INTO Central America. But I guess you tourists are a suspicious looking lot, or something.

Mac said...


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