Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Rough Couple of Days

Yah - not really, more like lazy thus the limited blogging. I can't even blame it on a lack of internet or spotty internet for that matter b/c there is WiFi everywhere here - every shop seems to have it. Now let's see, what can I tell you about the past couple of days. . . . This morning I went on a 2 tank dive just on the other side of the reef that protects Ambergris Caye. The resort that we are staying at Las Terrezas is affiliated with a dive shop called White Sands Dive Shop and they are located just off of the resort so it makes it really easy for me to decide if I want to dive or not. Diane has decided to do her open water course and while she was at it this morning, I figured that I would use that time to get in a few dives. I have to say, it was probably some of the best diving that I have ever done - it is a very healthy coral reef with a lot to look at. There are a lot of nurse sharks and groupers - all that will let you touch them - very cool! One of my dives this morning went down to 90 feet and the other 60 feet - and even got to swim through some "swim throughs" or "channels" - this is a real test of my claustophobia! I got a little green on the way in from the first dive - the 6-7 ft waves weren't helping!

For the rest of the day I have just been laying by the pool reading my book and now I am just sitting on our patio typing away. Yesterday was really a lazy day for us. Went to the beach in the morning (it is right in front of the resort) and read my book for a few hours. Then Diane and I decided that we would try our hand at sailing - yah, 2 white girls who have only lived in landlocked provinces - this should be fun! The resort has a Hobi Cat that is for use by it's patrons and we took advantage of that. After quick lesson from Curl (our go-to guy at the resort) we were off! I am sure he had a few moments where he thought "I can't believe I am letting them do this" as we went in circles in front of the resort but after a few minutes, we, meaning Diane, got the hang of things. Lucky for us, in grade 12, she took sailing lessons on the Glenmore Resevoir, so they came in handy. We were out on the water for about an hour and I only had to get off once and push (parts of the space b/w the land and the reef are very shallow - like up to my mid calf) and we seemed to have sailed into those. We managed to sail our way safely back to the resort and this will definitely be something that we will be doing again while we are here! After our sailing, we did a little pool time and decided that we would go into San Pedro a little earlier and try and keep the economy afloat for a bit! :-)

Now to get to San Pedro we have to take a water taxi that only runs every 2 hours during the day and every hour at night, so you have to plan. During the day, it just looks for people standing at the end of their docks and if they see you, the swing by. At night, it is a different story. If you want to go to San Pedro you flick on the green light and if you want to go up island you flick on the red light. If they see the lights, then they swing by your dock and pick you up. For the most part it seems like a pretty good system, although it can get fairly tight on the taxi. We bought a weeks pass for $50 and that gets us unlimited water taxi use.

For the most part we have been eating our breakfast and lunch in our condo and been heading in to town at night for supper, although one night we did walk down the beach to another resort for support. Speaking of beach, we aren't talking gorgeous white sand, sink my toes in type of beach but rather white, compacted often covered in sea grass, smells bad type of beach but very easy to walk or ride your bike down. And since there is so much development along the island, it isn't too, too dark - although I will bring my flashlight next time. Well, I should run - we are getting ready to head into San Pedro for some supper. Tomorrow I will tell you all about my experience with the dishwasher. . . .

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