Friday, February 3, 2012

Where Have the Days Gone

Wow! Hard to believe it is Friday and the work week is almost over - that means I will be heading back to the salt mines on Monday :-(. Normally by now I have my next vacation in the works, this time - not really. I would like to head back down to the Baja to see my friends Brian & Kim (see last year's posts) but they are only there for a month and I don't think I can swing it due to some work obligations (yes, I do work). I am heading to Houston at the end of March for some meetings so was thinking of tacking on a week of holidays to that - need to give that some more thought. But until then, I will continue to enjoy my last couple of days here in Belize. My plan for today was to go diving this morning with Ecologic Divers however the weather is not cooperating. They came and picked me up at my dock at 8:15am as arranged and we went into San Pedro and the weather, mainly the wind, got worse. Inside the reef, the chop wasn't too bad but outside the reef, where we were to go diving, there were 8-9ft swells, making it too dangerous to go diving. So after waiting for about an hour, the decision was made by Ecologic to cancel the dives for this morning. It was too bad, however it was the right decision - safety first! Unfortunately I can't go with them tomorrow as I fly out on Sunday morning and my decompression time would most likely be too tight. As for what we are going to do today, not sure. Diane is writing her final exam for her Open Water Certification and then we might take the water taxi into town and do some souvenir shopping - need to keep the economy going. The nice thing about Belize, even when it is overcast, it is still about 80F - so still warm. Yesterday was a rest day for me and a diving day for Diane. She did her last 2 open water dives towards her certification. I had contemplated going with her but decided to take a day off. I went for a nice walk up island along the beach checking out the other places to stay. What is interesting about Ambergris Caye is that there are very few cars as everyone gets around in a golf cart with 4x4 wheels on them, so all of the "roads" and I use that term loosely are more like dirt lane ways. In some places, the road is replaced by the beach. The other way that a lot of people get around is on bicycles - which they also ride on the beach. We haven't done either yet - maybe today. AFter my walk, I just lazed around the pool for most of the day reading my book. Although it was fairly overcast, I managed to get some good colour and that is when I realized that I need Botox! I must furrow my brow when I am reading as I have these 2 lovely little white stripes on my otherwise tanned face! Late afternoon it pissed down rain for about 30 minutes, the water was really choppy and my thoughts of taking the water taxi into town were quickly fading, however when we did decide to go into San Pedro, it was as smooth as glass. We had a lovely meal at Wild Mango (I will be posting a specific

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JB said...

You are sounding pretty relaxed there, and that is a good thing. Sure wish that Ipad had a camera so us Northerners could see some of that white sand and blue water.