Monday, January 17, 2011

Ah the Baja

So I made it down to the Baja safe and sound with no big excitement along the way. I had a lovely 6:30am departure and given that customs and security don't open until 5am, figured that there was no reason to be there too early. Plus knowing that I have Elite status and get to check in a a dedicated counter and my Nexus card would let me fast track customs, I wasn't too fused. They both were nice and handy but Calgary, unlike Edmonton, does not have a dedicated security line up for people flying either business or with Elite/Gold status - I wish they did! I flew down on US Airways which I think merged a bunch of years back with American West - good flight, service was good and I would definitely fly them over United! Only down side was that there was no inflight entertainment :-( I had a short layover in Phoenix and then a nice bumpy ride down to Cabo. The poor pilot tried every altitude between 25 000 and 37 000 feet and it was all rough. As per usual, there were a bunch of dumb people on my flight who couldn't fill out a customs and immigration form properly, thus a long and slow line when l landed - probably took about 30 minutes to get through. Why couldn't my Nexus card work here?!

Kim and Brian have got a great place down here in Los Barilles. Although we are not right on the beach, it is only about a 2 minute walk away and we have fantastic ocean views. As per typical Los Barilles weather, it was pretty windy yesterday however today there is just a light breeze. I told Brian this morning that is because the Big Guy upstairs knows that I am here so he is giving us calm weather :-)

For my first night's dinner we tried a local restaurant which turned out to serve Greek food - not quite what I was expecting or hoping for but it was really good. It looks like they also make a mean pizza there so we will definitely go back and try it out.

Not sure what today is going to bring. So far it has been coffee and bailey's in the sun! :-)

Have a good one folks!

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JB said...

Sounds like a great spot but tell Brian the road is 17 feet wide most of the way down there and my rig is over 9 feet with the mirrors so I will be staying a little north of you. Like 1000 miles or so. Have fun!