Thursday, January 20, 2011

Baja Beaches

Today is looking like another glorious day down in Baja California Sur. To be honest, I was a little "ugh" about coming down to Los Barriles because they are known for their winds - they even have a huge kite surfing festival called Lord of the Winds - it ended the day that I arrived. With the winds comes the microderm abbrasion on the beach - free of charge of course, so I came down with the understanding in my head that there would not be a lot of beach time - boy was I ever wrong. The Big Guy upstairs must be liking me right now b/c since I arrived, we have had nothing but windless days and great days at the beach! There is one place inland that we want to go - some sort of hot springs but have agreed that so long as the wind is down, we will be beach bound!

We have discovered some amazing beaches both north and south of Los Barriles and for the most part, there is not a soul on them. Yesterday we went down to Los Frailes which was located in the Cabo Pulmo National Park. There were some people camped on the beach and about 1/2 km off the beach, but the beach is so big, you don't really notice them. I think the other reason why they are so quiet is that they are off the beaten track. To get to this beach we had to drive on 20km of washboard that would take about 45 minutes - but so worth it! As well, we are out of the "tourist zone" and the majority of the people down here are the type of people who come down and winter. Don't get me wrong - I am not complaining and neither is Brian about the lack of people - we think that Kim might like a few more people, so we won't pick on her so much :-).

I am not sure what today brings. It is Brian's day to decide everything and all he has told us is to wear what we would normally wear and maybe bring a few dollars in case we decide to stop somewhere. Normally surprises like this would drive me nuts, however in this case, it is kinda cute to see Brian all excited about where he is going to take us, so I haven't been harassing him for details (unlike Kim) He has already decided that we are going to bbq steak for dinner, roast some potatoes and have a salad - my kind of easy cooking! And if the winds stay down, I am sure he will decide that we will hot tub it.

The only downside to not having the wind is that I can't hear the waves crashing at night and I really do enjoy that, however if I have the choice, no wind wins!

Hard to believe that it is already Thursday. . . I wonder where all the time has gone? I leave Sunday at 5:30pm so we have already decided to head into Cabo for the day. I want to check out Costco and we want to poke around town a little. I guess the upside is that I am on holidays again in about 2 1/2 weeks and there is a really good chance that I will be back down here.

I apologize for the lack of pictures - I am still using Kim's MacBook Air to post to my blog. JB gave me the suggestion of using Live Writer (or whatever it is called) but every time I try and download it it says I need to upgrade some Windows file and whenever I try that I seem to get in this loop and nothing happens. . .so until I figure out something, this will be a pictureless blog!

Until later. . .

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JB said...

OOPs, Live Writer is a Microsoft program so I am thinking loading it on a Mac is taboo.

Glad you are getting windfree days. Now are you sure that taking all that time off is not going to materially affect my It is tough enough to get by on a fixed income these days.