Saturday, January 15, 2011

Baja Bound

Holy cow - it has been a year since I have posted on here! Guess it is time to get back on the horse again (this is a tribute to you JB :-) ) Seriously though, the reason that I haven't been blogging is because I can't access my blog from my home computer for the same reason that I can't access Google - I "broke" something when I uninstalled Google Chrome and since then, I have been SOL for both, thus no blogging. If you are wondering how I am doing this now, I am on my work computer.

So tomorrow nice, bright and early (6:30am) I will be Baja bound! I am heading down to Los Barilles, which is about an hour north of Caba San Lucas down on the Baja. My friends Kim & Brian have rented a house down there for a couple of months so I have decided to go and join them for a week. I have travelled with them before - to Palm Springs in 2009, and I really enjoy their company. To be truthful though, this was not the trip that I had planned to take this week, so in other words, they are my "plan B" - but they know that! :-)

Originally my friend Ann and I (who I often travel with - went to Palm Springs with her in 2010) were going to go down to the Mayan Rivieria this week, however it just wasn't in the cards. About 2 weeks ago, she had to break the sad news to me that she couldn't go. I seriously considered going down by myself and plopping my ass down at an all-inclusive and bake, drink and read for a week but then I remembered, I get bored with me when I travel by myself. So I resigned myself to the fact that I was going to work instead. Plus, I had already planned to head down to the Baja from February 9 - 20 to see both some family in Cabo and then Brian and Kim up in Los Barilles. Early this week I got an email from Kim saying "why don't you come down next week - we would love to have you!" So I did a bit of looking and managed to find myself a cheap ticket to Cabo ($520 rtn!). On Wednesday I booked the ticket. It is now Saturday and I am getting ready to leave and not a moment too soon - this -30C with the windchill weather just isn't doing it for me!

The next part was a little harder - finding someone to look after Horton. His regular sitter Elaine is on holidays for 3 weeks (which I knew) and she had thought that her neice might be coming down to run her dog walking/sitting business but I guess she decided not to. So I checked with Elaine's back-up and my some time back up Maureen and she too couldn't take Horton b/c she already had a lot of dogs. So what to do, what to do. I mean I can't just leave him with anyone. I managed to find a dog walking/sitting company called Dawg Tired and after doing a little research decided that they were qualified enough to look after my boy. My big thing is where does he sleep? He is staying with a lovely lady named Lynn and he gets to sleep in her room with her however he will be on a bed on the floor - yah - I wanna see how well that one goes over! In any event, she came and picked Horton up this afternoon and he was not happy to be leaving his mama, but as I told Lynn, he had better suck it up because I am not cancelling my holiday because of him!

So now I am just in the office finishing up a few last minute things before I head out. I am not taking my BB 1) because I am on holidays and 2) there is no cell service where we are, so I need to make sure that everything is in place. I also managed to get a pedicure today, pick up a few odds and ends for Kim & Brian, including some coffee - had to be Nabob and now I am off to a girlfriends for supper - we are having tacos and I am bringing dessert. Guaranteed it won't be some fancy frozen peanut butter pie or whatever it is that Brenda makes. (another ode to you JB :-) )

Will try and keep this posted regularly and hopefully will get in a few pictures.

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JB said...

Glad to see that you finally got in gear and wrote a blog, you might try MS Livewriter as your new editor. Works good and you don't need to use all the old Blogger stuff.

Say hi to my favourite Irish immigrant for me. I wondered where he might be wintering.