Saturday, January 5, 2008

Blue Mountains and Beyond

Yesterday, which is really today for all of you in Canada - I took the train out to the Blue Mountain National Park - I reckon that this is akin to going to Banff. My personal travel consultant, Bill, suggested that I go down to the Three Sisters when I got to Katoomba and that I could go for a walk aka hike. Now those of you who know me well, know that I don't "hike" - I like to think that I do, but really, I don't. So after checking out the trails at the visitor centre, I started my "walk" - OMG - I damn near died in spots! It was up and down and up and down and cliff edges and then I got to thinking that no one knew where I was going and if something happened to me, would Bill remember what I was wearing so he could tell the authorities. And then I got thinking that if something happened to me, I would try and snap a picture b4 my demise so the authorities would have a bit of a clue as to what happened to me. Well about almost 2 hours of walking I emerged from the forest unscathed and waited for the trolly to take me back to the train station for my 2 hour journey home. I could probably have spent at least 1 more if not 2 more days in the Blue Mountains walking (who would have guessed that I like hiking!)

Transit. . .oh wonderful Sydney transit. . . this city know how to run a transit system. Firstly, there are people who work at each station and can give your directions and tell you what trains to take. Secondly, it seems to move you everywhere. The other day I bought a daytripper pass for $16 and it covered all ferries, buses and trains - all of which I used that day. I have never waited more than 5 minutes for anything in this city when it comes to transit and have found it to be a very effective way to get around.

As I mentioned in a previous post today - I didn't bring a voltage adapter. So that means no hairdryer, no straightener - no iPod rechard (I brought the old iPod - new one still MIA) and the iPod only lasts about 3 hours and then it is toast. So so much for my idea of lounging by the pool listening to music! In any event, the hotel has a hairdryer (yea!) and I reckon that Carly will have one as well, so gone are the days of looking like a drowned rat!

Bill my hotelier, chef, travel consultant has been wonderful! As I mentioned before, I have never met Bill and he has never met me - we just have a mutual friend - Tylor who I think sprung my arrival on him at the last minute. I think the key to a successful trip is to either spend it with someone that you like or spend it with cool people that you meet - in this case it was the later. He has been very patient with me and my 101 questions about Australia - everything from maternity leave benefits (which he so nicely explained that he knows nothing about) to mortgages and mortgage rates to the absence of coloured people here. Every day I would come home with my Bill List (which I would keep track of in my little book that I have with me). Let's just say that I think he humoured me each day!

Well as mentioned in a previous post, I am now in Port Douglas and I have wandered into town and found a much cheaper internet place. Tomorrow is relaxation day and on Monday (which will be your Sunday) I am going diving out at the reef - should be fun!

Until then. . .have a great night!


Diane said...

Sounds like you're having a most excellent time - thanks for the updates! I accidentally found out that if you click on the pictures, they blow up really big. Of course, this happened on the picture of your lady with the fancy sandels. Yikes! Bit of a shock - didn't need the close-up view! Please only take pictures of nice, pretty things.

Hope the rest of your trip is as much fun as the first part!

Vacation Girl said...

Your blogging is bringing back tons of fond memories of my trip... including the wonder of the Blue Mountains! Make sure you go to the Imperial or another recommended hotel in Sydney to see a real drag show - they are fantastic! Notice you are slipping in the aussie lingo too - it's hard not to (I reckon).

Vacation Girl said...

That last post was from Nancy (you might not know my blogger name)
Have Fun!