Thursday, January 3, 2008

Bridge, Bay, Bondi, Backfat & Bill

Oh what a lovely day today has been! Bill (the guy that I am staying with - more on him in a bit) helped me plan out my day today and what a great day it has been - although, I think I am a tad crispy in some areas (ie. back of my neck)

I took the train/subway across the Sydney bridge and walked back towards Circle Quay and the Sydney Opera House. While I was on the bridge, I had a good cry. Yes - a cry. In the middle of my walk across the bridge, I realized just how damn fortunate I am to be experiencing this opportunity and just how rich and full my life is. Who would have thought that a bridge could do that to a girl, but it did!

After the bridge breakdown, I wandered around an area called the Rocks - one thing I have noticed is that my feet are swollen from the heat. I don't have cankles yet - but I am sure if you give it another day, my legs will look like tree stumps! I then took the ferry across to Manly Bay - the views from the ferry of the bridge, the opera house and the Sydney harbour are amazing! I have a ton of pictures but for some reason I am having a dickens of a time uploading them onto here. . .I will keep on trying. I think it was on this ferry ride that I started to fry so when we got back to Circle Quay, I bought myself a new hat that shades my neck and it was here while I was waiting of my next ferry - I did the unthinkable - I took a picture of a lady who was wearing a truly nasty outfit!

This woman was wearing what looked like a yellow terry cloth strapless tanktop that zipped up the back with a white skirt and these silver, lace up your leg sandals. Now I know you are probably thinking that that doesn't sound that bad - but it gets better. This woman was 60+ - so in other words, not an age appropriate outfit and it accentuated her back fat! I have a pictures that I will find a way to post b/c it was bad!

Next I took the ferry out to Watson's Bay and then the bus down to Bondi Beach - OMG - the people! It is summer break for a lot of people right now and it was packed! I went into the water up to my knees - the ocean was damn cold and I didn't need to swim that badly. One thing I have noticed down here is that there isn't a lot of fat people - not like the US and a lot of men where Speedos - not a good thing! Why can't guys embrace board shorts or something?! Really, the banana hammock is not appealing. Mind you, they could all think like me (yes, I donned a bikini) and thought - hell they don't know anyone down here so why not?! There is some skin on me today that has never seen the light of day and it did today. There were a few topless people on the beach but there was no way that I was exposing the girls to the sun. . .last thing I need is for them to burn!

Lastly, I am staying with this wonderful fellow named Bill who has so graciously taken me in and doesn't seem to be a mass murderer! Seriously though, he rents my friends Tylor & Viv's terrace from them (they are now in London, England) and when I told Tylor that I was heading down this way, he offered for me to stay at their terrace - so luckly Bill - he gets a house guest! He has put up with my 101 questions and I have written down many more for him for when I get back tonight. . . .the man has the patience of a saint if he is putting up with me!

And oh yah. . . . I am in LOVE. . . . .no, not with Bill, but with Sydney! Yes - she who never wanted to come to Australia in the first place has fallen absolutely in love with the place. I have always been drawn to places by the water - it re-energizes me. This city is absolutely gorgeous and every neighborhood has it's own personality. I think I could spend a month here just getting to know all of the different areas. I am thinking that maybe Shell could open an office here and I could staff it. . .yah, that sounds like a good idea. . . .oh yah, I couldn't bring Horton though. . . so maybe not the best idea. But in any event, I love this city. . .the architecture is amazing and I surprised at how much different areas remind me of New York. . . mom and dad - I can't wait to share some tips with you for your trip here in February.

Well I am going to run. . . I am feeling grimy and have sand in places that shouldn't have sand and Bill will be home soon and he was going to cook me supper. . .maybe have a barbie!

The Bridge Bawler aka Heather

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