Friday, January 4, 2008


Greetings from Cairns - pronounced Cans and Port Douglas!

I am behind on my posts but I don't have my little book with me that I put down little tidbits so I don't forget them when I do my blog - so you probably won't get yesterday's blog until tomorrow. I need to find an internet cafe in Port Douglas as internet is $10 for 30 minutes here at the resort.

So I have finally hit the relaxation portion of my trip but it took until 3pm to reach it. My flight left Sydney this morning at 10am. I took Virgin Blue up to Cairns. I think that they are the discount version of Virgin Atlantic - can't say that I was overly impressed. The seat spacing rivals Air Transat and you have to pay for everything and when I say everything, I mean everything. If you want a glass of water, they will give you a glass of ice and put hot water in it to melt the ice. They charge for water, pop and food. A can of pop is $2.50 - but it is all served with a smile. Thankfully I am only flying with them up to here. . . I am on Quantas for the rest and they are supposed to be much better. Let me tell you, it is a far cry from Executive First on Air Canada. . . .see. . .this princess can do economy!

I have rented a car for this portion of the trip. I seem to have this thing for industrial parks. . . I always seem to find them wherever I go. I took the wrong turn out of the airport (on the right side of the road) and instead of taking some scenic highway up the coast I wound up in an industrial area surrounded by oil tanks. I consulted my trusty little map and managed to find my way back to where I was suppose to be going. . . all the while sitting on the wrong side of the car on the wrong side of the road!!! Thankfully - I have an automatic! One thing about driving down here is that they LOVE their roundabouts aka traffic circles. Now as hard as I might try to signal properly, I only ever turn on my windshield wipers b/c my signal indicator and my wiper thing are reversed and whenever I go to signal, I hit the wipers and the chaos ensues!

It was a lovely drive up the coast (once I got going in the right direction on the wrong side of the road). It kinda reminds me of the sea to sky highway going up to Whistler. . . all of the turns and the narrow road. There are even watch out for kangaroo signs similiar to our deer signs. Still haven't seen a 'roo yet but I am keeping my eyes open.

The resort that I am staying at is nice. I keep having to remind myself that I am in a tropical place and thus resorts will have a tropical feel to them. . .and this one does. Think shell pink and mint green. . .oh yah baby. . .back in the 80s! I only hoping to finally be able to blowdry my hair while I am here, as I forgot to bring a voltage adapter and I have been going with bad hair since I have arrived. . .not a happy girl! I am telling you, I looked like a drowned rat the entire time I was in Sydney. . .I don't have hair that doesn't require doing.

Tonight I am going to head into Port Douglas for dinner. . .the thought of spending $79 on a buffet dinner is a little hard for me to swallow. . even if it is seafood and probably just check out the resort. I spent some time at the pool today but I am trying to ease my lily white skin into the sun. . . I am still terrified of frying! My reef trip is booked for Monday, so tomorrow is a full on relaxation day! Yeah!

Until I find cheaper internet. . . .H

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