Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Penguin Island & Good Bye Perth

Well today is/was my last day in Perth :( - it is going to be hard to leave this nice, warm weather, where everything is nice and green and come back to Calgary brown. I do have to admit that I have been kinda pissed that it didn't get bloody cold while I was gone. Just my luck, it will probably get bitchingly cold in the next couple of weeks! I have plotted out my strategy for my flights home. I went online to Quantas this morning and checked in and picked my seat. I am on the red-eye - ugh! but I had no choice as there is no good international connection when crossing the continent. The flight is a 747 so the seating configuration is 3-4-3. Originally I was in a row of 3 with 2 other people so then I picked a row of 4 with no one in it. Then I got to thinking, chances are they would put someone else in that row so then I changed my seat again and found an empty row of 3 and I will make myself seem as unfriendly as possible so no one decides to sit there and then I can lay out. I have also researched out the lounges in the Sydney airport and lo and behold there is no Maple Leak Lounge but. . . Singapore Airlines has a lounge (with showers) and they are partners with Air Canada - so I can at least have a shower tomorrow morning and relax before my flight. (Yes - these things are important to me!) I am guessing that their lounges are pretty posh - much better than United Airlines who also has a lounge but I think I will gravitate to Singapore Airlines. As for my upgrade - still not too sure - will find out in the morning - ugh!

I have come to totally admire my friend Carley (not that I already didn't before) but now to a new level. Coming to see her on the other side of the world has made me realize that I don't think that I could do it. For one, there is no way I could be that far away from Horton and Australia has such strict quarantine laws that he would have to be in quarantine if he came down here with me. As well, not being able to easily talk to my parents would kill me (mind you - they might like it! :)) The other thing is that although things are pretty much the same i.e. food - there is always something that is just a little different so when you are wanting that taste of home, it can be hard to get. I don't - packing up and moving to the other side of the world where you don't know anyone - WOW - that takes an amazing person and that would be my friend Carley!

Today I took the train out to Rockingham which is about 50km south of Perth. Once again, I have to rave about the great transit that they have here in Australia. I think it cost me all of $5 to go there - I don't think you could drive that much. I was going down to Rockingham to go to a place called Penguin Island which has a colony of Fairy Penguins which are the smallest of all of the penguins. I have to say that today was probably the best individual day that I have had in Australia - diving at the reef was the greatest individual event, but as for overall day, today was probably it. The island is a conservation island and you can only go out there for daytrips either you can wade across the sandbar or take the ferry across (I took the ferry - less risk!)

Oh the sights that I saw today while going to Rockingham and while I was there. First, there was the girl, probably in here 20s on the bus who had not only a visible muffin top but also plumber butt to go with it. Unfortunately I didn't have my camera out so I couldn't take a picture. Next, I saw this older lady - would have pegged her late 60s with her leathery, crepey skin in her bikini - not nice. Lastly, this lady got on in Rockingham who had violet coloured hair with grey roots, a beard and I am not talking just a few goat hairs on the chin, missing a front tooth and boobs down to her waist (with her bra on) - oh yah - she was a keeper. I did take a picture of her but it wasn't that great and I never got a chance to take another one.

(yes this is here and yes I am going to have to answer to this to a higher power!)

After a lovely meal of salmon with mango salsa and roasted sweet potatoes, I think Carely and I am going to go for one last visit to the Indian Ocean. . .I am really going to miss the ocean.

Well I am hoping to fire off one last post tomorrow when I am in Sydney, but if not, then this is the end of my Austalian Vacation Blog - thank you for sharing my adventure with me!
Oh yah - I toasted the marshmellow today, it is getting that nice little brown coating but I noticed that like a real marshmellow - you get a little burn on it and the whole thing goes! I am not that bad but you can see where I missed with sunscreen today - oops!

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