Sunday, January 13, 2008

Toasting the Marshmellow

Yesterday was a day devoted to toasting the marshmellow (that is my new term for me tanning). You know - going from white to brown. Carley's friend David had organized a picnic for us down at the Swan River along with the opportunity to learn how to windsurf. Now me being as smart as I am, I opted not to windsurf b/c I know how bloody hard it is! We found ourselves a beautiful spot under a lovely palm tree along the river for our picnic. It was such a wonderful day of lounging around on the grass, playing frisbee in the water and playing with jellyfish. Unlike on the east coast of Australia, these jellyfish weren't stingers and in fact, you could pick them up. We decided we would teach them to fly and opted to throw them around (I know, I know - rather childish - but FUN!!!) It was such a nice and relaxing day. . .it was wonderful! Later in the evening after my hard day of doing nothing (Carley's was harder b/c she opted to learn how to windsurf) we went for some great Indian food and then gelato in Subiaco.
There have been a couple of key learnings that I have had while I have been in Australia - firstly, actual cities are small. The greater area might be big, but the city itself is small. Everything is is a different "suburb" which are little cities in the bigger city. So really, when you go somewhere, you need to know what suburb you are going to b/c if you say it is in Perth, it could really be in West Perth or Subiaco or Leederville. Thankfully Carley has a Tomtom (GPS unit) so we never get lost!!!!!

Another things that has amazed me about Australia - more so on the east coast than over here on the west is the abundance of tropical plants that we pay $17.99 for at Home Depot growing in the wild!

Some of the commercials that I have heard and/or seen have bordered on tasteless or there is no way in hell that you would get away with that in Canada. Here are a few that I can remember:

"Ladies - make sure you mow the lawn before you head for the beach, no one wants to see what the whipper snipper missed" - heard that one on the radio in Cairns. If you don't get this one, go back to my first blog posting and you will get what they are meaning.

"Get rid of your muffin top . . . " - on an commercial for a bodyslimmer on TV here in Perth. Now I know that we use the word muffin top in Canada - but never on TV or in a commercial!
Today is going to see some more toasting of the marshmellow and some exploring around Subiaco (a cool suburb here in Perth) and the CBD (central business district). My Lonely Planet book has a couple of good walking tours that I might try out.
For those of you who aren't on Facebook, here are the links to the pictures that I have posted so far. . . some of them are on my blog but the majority you haven't seen yet! Enjoy!!! (Part 3 - keep checking this one daily b/c I am updating my pictures daily - assuming that I am not being lazy)

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